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Schools + Tours

ICA Miami’s school and tours programs engage local private schools, organizations, Miami-Dade Public Schools and educators with contemporary art through interactive learning designed to be accessible to K-12 students of all abilities, build critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

Immersive School Tours: Spring 2020

Immersive School Tours at ICA Miami
ICA Miami‚Äôs immersive tour program is accessible to K-12 students of all abilities. The tour curriculum is developed to build empathy, critical thinking skills, and spark interest in exhibitions on view. Student groups engage in an age-appropriate, comprehensive museum experience,…

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources at ICA Miami
ICA Miami provides exhibition curriculum throughout the school year. Curriculum is designed to prepare school groups before attending a tour through engaging activities and lesson planning materials. In addition, ICA offers teacher training opportunities that incorporates contemporary art into everyday…