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Aramis Gutierrez, Verdant Romps and the Pandemic, 2020

Verdant Romps and the Pandemic (2020) is a documentary that sees Miami artist Aramis Gutierrez adjusting to new modes of working and, in turn, changing his artistic output. Read More

Domingo Castillo, Surface Image, 2020

By sequencing montages and animations used to sell proposed real estate developments, Miami artist Domingo Castillo explores the subject of desire in an exclusive and exclusionary world. Read More

Faren Humes, MLK, 2020

Miami filmmaker Faren Humes gathers raw footage from a Martin Luther King Parade in Liberty City, highlighting the joy of community while suggesting the pervasive tensions of post-Civil Rights social relations. Read More

Terence Price II, 2017, 18, 19, 20 & So On, 2020

Terence Price II brings together footage, collected over four years, of himself getting a haircut, a symbolic moment of vital transition that evokes intimate rituals that humans use to survive. Read More

Cristine Brache, Morning Sickness in the USA, 2020

Looking at an episode of quarantine in her family history, Miami artist Cristine Brache addresses our own times of COVID-19, social distancing, and sequestration. Read More