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Eric-Paul Riege: The Gifts You’ve Been Given

Navajo artist Eric-Paul Riege shows ICA Miami around his hometown of Gallup, NM, while ruminating on the significance of family and relationships in his practice. Read More

Guadalupe Maravilla: Crossing Borders Through Art

Using his experience as an immigrant as a point of departure, artist Guadalupe Maravilla examines the relationship between his work and the experience (and subsequent trauma) of border crossing. Read More

Paulo Nazareth: When People Become Products

Using a newly-commissioned work as a point of departure, Brazilian artist Paulo Nazareth recalls the historical context for the creation of his “Products of Genocide” series. Read More

Guadalupe Maravilla: A Spiritual Practice

Multidisciplinary artist and educator Guadalupe Maravilla (b. San Salvador, El Salvador) explains how spirituality and sound is inextricably bound to his artistic practice. Maravilla’s first solo museum project, “Portals,” opening June 27, 2019 at ICA Miami, features a group of powerfully sculptural, wearable headdresses that incorporate gongs used… Read More

Manuel Solano: Becoming Masculina

Mexico City-based artist Manuel Solano explores how language articulates the complexity of gender, and how masculinity, identity, and fashion form the foundation for a new video work, Masculina (2018), produced with support from ICA Miami. Read More

Eric-Paul Riege: Carrying Each Other Up The Mountain

Diné (Navajo) artist Eric-Paul Riege prepares for his first solo museum project at ICA Miami by carrying a woven sculpture up the side of a mountain and honoring the sanctity of the land. Read More

Larry Bell on Glass

“The work was teaching me how to think about what to do. You follow the work—that’s what an artist does.” Renowned artist Larry Bell discusses the enduring allure of working with glass over his decades-long career. Read More

Judy Chicago’s Advice to Artists

“If one wants to succeed as an artist, one has to be prepared for a long sustained push… the faster you go up, the quicker you go down.” Pioneering feminist artist Judy Chicago offers sage wisdom to aspiring artists. Read More

Larry Bell: The Black Room

Minimalist pioneer Larry Bell explores the thinking behind one of his first immersive architectural installations, The Black Room (1969/2018), recreated for his latest exhibition at ICA Miami. Read More

Walter Darby Bannard: What Are You Seeing?

Renowned minimalist artist Frank Stella and art historian Alex Bacon expound upon the significance of work by Walter Darby Bannard, with a focus on how the artist’s work is understood amidst today’s “overflowing bounty” of visual information. Read More