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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Nora N. Khan: “The Artificial and the Real”

ICA Miami welcomes writer of criticism Nora N. Khan to the Knight Foundation Art + Research Center for a free public lecture titled, “The Artificial and the Real.” This lecture was presented in conjunction with the Fall 2020 semester, “Recodings and Renewals.”… Read More

Alexander Galloway: “Heretical Computing”

In a new lecture titled "Heretical Computing," computer programmer and theorist Alexander Galloway investigates the outer limits of computation and its implications on dogma, ethics, artistic production, and more. Read More

Sven Lütticken: “Producing Facts: Notes on the Politics of Concrete Abstraction”

Arts theorist Sven Lütticken explores the cultural, social, economic, and technological conditions that produce “alternative facts.” From Lütticken: “As fake news and ‘alternative facts’ triumph, the complexity of facticity is denied. However, ritualistic ‘fact checking’ is in itself not a solution as the performativity of social media goes into overdrive. Read More