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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami


Family Day Film Festival

Sun, Jun 20, 2021
24 hours beginning at 10am

ICA Miami invites you to join us for a fun-filled Family Day as we travel the globe with a selection of short films that prove you are never too small or too big to make an impact on the world and those around you.

Funny Fish (2018, dir. Krishna Nair, 6 min, 21 sec)

In the middle of the ocean, a school of fish comes to the rescue of a red fish floating on the surface of the water. They try to do everything they can to help it come back into the water and breathe, unaware that it’s in fact a balloon.


The Pocket Man (2016, dir. Ana Chubinidze, 7 min 30 sec)

A little man lives in an old suitcase. One day he meets a new friend: an old blind man. The little man jumps into the blind man’s pocket and helps him walk and see things in the street.


A Lynx In The Town (2019, dir. Nina Bisiarina, 6 min 48 sec)

A curious lynx leaves its forest after it is attracted by the lights of the nearby town. All is fun until it falls asleep in the middle of a parking lot. In the early morning, locals are astonished to find this strange animal covered in snow.


The Kindergarten Show (2019, dir. Loïc Bruyère, 8 min)

In a theatre, an owl schoolmaster tries to present the year-end kindergarten show. Unfortunately for him, the evening does not go as planned, because one unforeseen event after another occurs even before the curtain parts.