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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

ICA Miami Sculpture Garden, photo by Javier Sanchez.
ICA Miami Sculpture Garden, photo by Javier Sanchez.


Institute of
Art, Miami

61 NE 41st Street
Miami, Florida 33137

305 901 5272

Free Admission Every Day
Open Wed–Sun
Seniors 11am–12pm
Hours 12–6pm
Closed Mon–Tue

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About the Museum

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami) is dedicated to promoting continuous experimentation in contemporary art, advancing new scholarship, and fostering the exchange of art and ideas throughout the Miami region and internationally. Through an energetic calendar of exhibitions and programs, and its collection, ICA Miami provides an important international platform for the work of local, emerging, and under-recognized artists, and advances the public appreciation and understanding of the most innovative art of our time. The museum is deeply committed to providing open, public access to artistic excellence by offering year-round free admission.

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Irma Braman Chair
Ray Ellen Yarkin Chair
Margot Greig President
Janice Lipton Vice Chair
Paula Morabito Treasurer
Debi Wechsler Secretary
Daphna Bentata
Dean Colson
Manny Kadre
Edward Nicoll
Andi Potamkin
Alex Witkoff


Sheldon Anderson
Michele Beyer
Daniel Berkowitz
Eduardo Burillo
Seth Campbell
Michael Chavies
Suzi Cordish
Ralph J. Gindi
Jorge Gonzalez
Elizabeth Green
Monica Grossman
Steven Guttman
Barbara Z. Herzberg
Kris Hinson
Tammy Levine
Joanne R. Katz
Robert Lowinger
John Marquez
Christina Martin
Arlene H. Mendelson
Diana Morrison
Chandra Rudd
Andre Sakhai
Sarah Scali
Laurie Lynn Stark
Roz Stuzin
Kay Torshen

Honorary Trustees

Rosalind Jacobs
Dr. Kira Flanzraich Chair Emeritus
Andrew Smulian Trustee Emeritus
Nancy Green In Memoriam
Dr. Shulamit Katzman In Memoriam
Cindi Nash In Memoriam
Evan Reed In Memoriam


Micky and Madeleine Arison Family Foundation
Irma and Norman Braman
Itchko Ezratti
Dr. Kira and Mr. Neil Flanzraich
Nancy Green
Margot and George Greig
Barbara Z. Herzberg
Sam Herzberg
Annie and Manny Kadre
Joanne R. Katz
The Katzman Family Foundation in honor of Dr. Shulamit Katzman
Kluger Kaplan Silverman Katzen & Levine
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Leibowitz Family Foundation
Daniel Lewis
Jan R. Lewis
Bruce Horten and Aaron Lieber
Janice and Alan Lipton
Arlene H. and Laurans A. Mendelson
Jeffrey Miller
Albert and Jane Nahmad in honor of Irma and Norman Braman
Cindi Nash
Cecilia and Ernesto Poma
The Semersky Family
The Family of Barbara and Neil Schiff
Desai Sethi Family
Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins
Ray Ellen and Allan Yarkin

The Campaign for ICA Miami (2016–)

Jayne and Leonard Abess
Irma and Norman Braman
Nancy Clark
Ezratti Family
Jay Franke and David Herro
Elizabeth Green and Hugh Bernstein
Nancy Green
Margot and George Greig
Barbara Z. Herzberg
Sam Herzberg
Annie and Manny Kadre in honor of Irma and Norman Braman
Joanne R. Katz
The Katzman Family Foundation in honor of Dr. Shulamit Katzman
Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen and Levine, P.L.
Daniel Lewis
Jan R. Lewis
Janice and Alan Lipton
Arlene H. and Laurans A. Mendelson
Helen and Edward Nicoll
Ray Ellen and Allan Yarkin

Aileen Ugalde and Dean Colson
Carolynn and Michael Friedman
Gerri and Steve Helfman
Bruce Horten and Aaron Lieber
Jeffrey Miller
Stefanie and Evan Reed
The Riemer Family
The Rosen-Cappellazzo Family
Chandra and Michael Rudd
Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design

Campaign for ICA Miami (2020–)

Michele and Lawrence Beyer
Jay Franke and David Herro
Helen Kent-nicoll and Edward J. Nicoll
Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins
Amanda and Don Mullen


Mickey and Madeleine Arison Foundation
John Auerbach and Ed Tang
Irma and Norman Braman
Margot and George Greig
Katzman Family Foundation
Andrea and Robert Kramer
Brigette Lau
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Arlene H. and Laurans A. Mendelson
Helen and Edward Nicoll
Jackie Soffer and Craig Robins
Andre Sakhai
Adam and Iris Singer
Kevie Yang
Ray Ellen and Allan Yarkin

Daphna and Ariel Bentata
Daniel Berkowitz, Tracey and Bruce Berkowitz / Berkowitz Contemporary Foundation
City National Bank
Itchko Ezratti and Diana Morrison
Jay Franke and David Herro
Ralph Gindi
Barbara Herzberg and Dr. Sidney J. Stern
Sam Herzberg
Manny and Annie Kadre
Joanne Katz
Daniel Lewis
Janice and Alan Lipton
John Marquez
Sterling Ruby Studio
Alex Witkoff / Steven Witkoff

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts
Almine Rech Gallery Ltd
AutoNation Inc.
Mickey and Lawrence Beyer
The Buddy Taub Foundation
Eduardo and Priscila Burillo
Seth Campbell
Chrome Hearts/Laurie Lynn and Richard Stark
Nancy Clark
Mary and Howard Frank
Elizabeth Green and Hugh Bernstein
Eric and Adam Green
Monica Grossman
Kathy and Steve Guttman
Maky and Kris Hinson
Harry Hu
Jonathan Hyman and Stuart Hyman
Blossom Leibowitz
Lara Lerner

Tammy and Jay Levine
Loro Piana
Robert Lowinger
Christina and David Martin
Members of Culture Club
Joseph Nguyen and Tamie Tong
Andi Potamkin
Chandra and Michael Rudd
Andy Song
Roz and Charles Stuzin
Sandra and Tony Tamer
Kay Torshen
Aileen Ugalde and Dean Colson

Arthur and Alice Adams Foundation
AIG Private Client Group
Conchi and Tony Argiz
Robert Blumenthal
Michael Chavies

Colson / Hicks / Eidson
James and Kimberly Elbaor
Suzi and David Cordish
Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz
Andrew Dodge
Jessica and Elliot Dornbusch
Mary and Howard Frank
Jacques & Natasha Gelman Foundation
Neity and Gary Gerson
Cassandra Herzberg and Riccardo Pellegrini
Bruce Horten and Aaron Lieber
Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L.
Holland & Knight
Harmony and Rachel Korine
Herman Leyba
Melanie Lum
Martin Z. Margulies
Jeffrey Miller
National Endowment for the Arts
Northern Trust
Phillips/Vivian Pfeiffer
Sonia and Keith Pomeroy
Marjorie Stone and Rick Rodriguez
Stefanie and Evan Reed
Janna and Dr. Marc Ronert
Jaime and Andrew Schwartzberg
Carole and Oscar Seikaly
Marjorie Stone and Rick Rodriguez
Debi and Jeff Wechsler
Andrew Xue

Donors Circle


47 Canal
Jacky Aizenman
Karen and Leon Amitai
Julie and Larry Bernstein
Trudy and Paul Cejas
Pilar Crespi and Stephen Robert
The Honorable Amy Dean & Alan Kluger
Alexander DiPersia
Brendan Dugan
Monica F. Eulitz
Eric B. Fishman
Linda and David Frankel
Paula and Joel Friedland
Carolynn and Michael Friedman
Galerie Gisela Capitain
Ian and Serge Krawiecki Gazes
Lorena and Evelio Gomez
Neeraj Gunsagar
Chakameh Habibi
Alana and Adiel Hoch
Nikola Krneta
George and Lizbeth Krupp
Kinga and Eddie Lampert
Barbara and Richard Lane
Jo Lehmann
Armand Limnander
Lisson Gallery
Jeff Magid
Juan Carlos Maldonado
Jane Schoninger Marcus
Camille and Patrick McDowell
Kimberly and Eric Mendelson
Merrill Lynch
Paula Morabito and Maria Yip
Yael and Eduardo Muller
Lisa and Victor Mendelson
Dr. Joseph Nguyen
Hal Philipps and Greg Kendall
Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
Laura Raiffe
Michael and Roberto Raynes
Roberts Projects
Thaddaeus Ropac
Jen Rubio
Rahul Sahbnani
Rohit Sahni
Simkins Family
Muys Snijders
Marsha Soffer
Stone Island
Taka Ishii Gallery
Patsy and Jeff Tarr
Ellie and Bruce Taub
Clarice O. Tavares
Nadia Toscano-Palon and Roberto Toscano
Judy Werner
Todd White


Sarah Arison
Shari and Jeff Aronson
Nathalie and Daniel Bäume
Tara and Jack Benmeleh
Lynn and Robert Bernstein
Jill Braufman and Daniel Nir
David Castillo
Douglas S. Cramer and Hubert S. Bush
Claudia Dreyfus
Alexandra and Eric Fabrikant
Agustina Ferreyra
Nancy and David Frej
David Zwirner Gallery
Ellen Glimcher
Monica Goldsmith
Jacqueline Green and John Grossman
Diane and Robert Goodman
Carole and Fred Guest
Elizabeth Johnson
Kandy Kramer & Richard Yulman
Marilyn and Robert Levin
David Lewis
Suzi and Scott Lustgarten
Nancy Magoon
Richard Massey
Haley Mellin
Sylvia Moss
Raquel and Michael Scheck
Michelle and Richard Starke
Anthony Meier Fine Arts
Leslie and Sanjay Patel
Darlene and Jorge Pérez
Laurie Riemer
Joanne Rosen and Amy Cappellazzo
Judith Schalit
Lois Siegel
Diego Singh/Central Fine
Allison Weinstein and Ivan Jecklin
White Cube


Tomm El-Saieh
Youngmee Kang and Bill Brady
Eleanor Cayre
Rachel Cole
Gagosian Gallery
Alexander Gorlin
Malinda Krantz
Denise and Enrique Lerner
Emilio Martinez
Mitchell Innes & Nash
Christopher O’Connell and Noe Barragan
Paula Cooper Gallery
Petzel Gallery
Lisa Roumell
Suzanne Sayfie
Galerie Thomas Schulte
Mayor Glenn Singer
Sprueth Magers
Nancy and Stanley Singer
Mercy and Jay Skyler
Pat Strawgate
Ernst Swietelsky
Village of Bal Harbour
Loree and Rod Wasserman
Genna Yarkin
Sophie Yarkin and Max Ostrowski
Holly Zickler
Augusta Zimmerman
Alberto Ibarguen


Art Basel
Ward Auerbach and Andy Baker
Michelle Azout
Ariel Baron-Robbins and Isaac Lapciuc
Joseph Berg
Cindy and David Berger
Marsha and Brian Bilzin
Steffi and Tom Bloom
Karen Boyer
Valerie C. Brugal
Susan and Steven Caller
JoAnn Cardon-Glass and Ronald Glass
Karen and Paul Chaplin
Hilary Cianciolo
Connie and John Cioffi
Citizens Interested in Arts, Inc.
Jeri Cohen and Richard Singer
Ignacio Contreras
Carol Crapple
Kelli and Jason Cross
Cristina Delgado and Stephen Olsen
Downs and Ross
Kim and Al Eiber
Jonathan Eisenberg
Moises Esquenazi
Matthew J. Ferrara
Jonathan Freidin and Ben Brown
Razzy Ghomeshi
Liz Greig and Jason Extein
Barbara and Robert Goldfarb
Grace Goldsmith
Barbara and Steven Gretenstein
Matt Haggman
Erica Hartman-Horvitz and Richard Horvitz
Gerri and Stephen Helfman
Dr. Gamaliel R. Herrera
Chloe Jacobs
Nina Johnson-Milewski and Dan Milewski
Julian and Dana Kasdin
Ana and Niesen Kasdin
Maggie and Mike Kottmann Braun
Evian Kuznik
Lindsey Lazopoulos Friedman and Todd Friedman
Gloria and Sergio Leyva
George Lindemann
Mendes Wood DM
Lehmann Maupin
Spring and Sean Mcmanus
Kathryn and Dan Mikesell
Eric and Stacey Mindich
Josephine Nash
Alejandro Navia
Jasmine Neveles
Lauren and Craig Nosse
Baiyin Murphy
The Pace Gallery
Enrique Parra
Elizabeth Petersen
David Phelps
Agnes Rein
B. Rodney White and Michael P. Williams
Steve Saieh
Noaman Noah Sanni
Elena and Leland Salomon
Sydney and David Schaecter
Alexandra Schueler
Justin Shaffer
Nancy and Stanley Singer
Ingrid and Jep Thornton
Clara and Juan Luis Toro
Marte V. & Paul Steven Singerman
​​Ingrid Vazquez-Luhn and Fred Snitzer
Mindy Solomon
Cleo Suero
Nancy Vaughn
Victoria Vaughan
Ana and Steve Weissman
Susan and Bob Zarchen



Alex Gartenfeld
Artistic Director


Anthony Troisi
Director of Finance

Jabin Francois
Staff Accountant


Gean Moreno
Director, Knight Foundation Art + Research Center

Stephanie Seidel

Amanda Morgan
Assistant Curator
Exhibitions + Publications

Donna Honarpisheh
Assistant Curator
Knight Foundation Art + Research Center


Sara Uhlig
Senior Development Operations Manager

Brianna Smith
Membership Coordinator

Kali Kahn
Development Officer
Institutional + Corporate Giving


Lisa Fernandez
Director of Education + Community Engagement

Alyssa Panganiban
Community Programs Coordinator

Morel Doucet
School Programs Coordinator

Jessica Helsinger
Narratives Site Coordinator

Asia Perrotti
Education Assistant


Kerri Kneer
Director of Exhibitions, Collections + Visitor Experience

Isabella Rodriguez
Assistant Registrar

Katherine Fleitman
Exhibitions Assistant

Mikhail Yusufov

External Affairs

Courtney Casci
Director of External Affairs

Andrew McLees
Senior Marketing Manager

Daniela Granadillo
Digital Producer

Anthony Anaya
Graphic Designer


Fabio Ortega
Facility Manager

Kenia Gaitan


Nicole Rodriguez
Events Manager

Victor Princiotta
Production Coordinator

Visitor Services

Bianca Cipriani
Senior Manager, Visitor Experience and Operations

Sandra Vanegas
Visitor Services Manager

Joshua Byrnes
Assistant Visitor Services Manager
Tour Coordinator

Gianneli Canda
Assistant Visitor Services Manager

Cyrus Blot
Senior Gallery Associate


General Information


Press Inquiries

Volunteer Opportunities
More information

Artwork Submission Policy

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami does not review or accept any unsolicited artworks or portfolios submitted by email, mail, or in-person. Any works or portfolios received by ICA Miami will not be returned.