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At the core of ICA Miami’s support for the exchange of art and ideas is ongoing research through exhibitions, public programs and education. Connecting contemporary art to its social and historical context, the museum provides platforms to engage in global conversations around the pressing issues that define our world.

Art + Research Center

The Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami’s Art + Research Center (A+RC) is the museum’s research department and graduate-level initiative dedicated to fostering a more robust and critical dialogue in the South Florida region and beyond.


ICA Channel: Eric-Paul Riege
ICA Miami’s Channel positions artists at the center of the conversation, while expanding the museum’s reach to meet a growing global audience through monthly exhibition stories, interviews, public lectures, and more.


ICA Miami is committed to building advanced understanding and visual literacy for international and local constituencies, through the creation of new scholarship and critical intellectual context for contemporary art. Purchase select catalogs and merchandise here.