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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami


Reverend Houston Cypress Lecture

Art + Research
Wed, Jul 12, 2017
Reverend Houston Cypress.
Reverend Houston Cypress.

As part of the Art + Research Center’s Summer Intensive 2017, Reverend Houston Cypress will present a free public lecture. Admission is free with required RSVP.

Decolonizing Gender, Land & Spirit

By being visible, and cultivating connections with environment and history, gender diverse people from indigenous communities remind us that possibilities exist for a more inclusive Circle of Life.

Reverend Houston Cypress is a poet, artist, environmental activist and ordained minister. Through his organization, Love the Everglades Movement, Cypress has become a major force within Miccosukee society as an advocate for cultural preservation, environmental protection, business development and sovereignty. Cypress also acts as a cultural ambassador, leading the way for meaningful exchange and connection between his society of clans and the outside world.