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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Anthea Hamilton

Anthea Hamilton (b. 1978, London) draws inspiration from found images to create original works of art, transforming the meaning of the source material into a visual language with its own narrative. During the initial discussion, proposed questions will draw upon students’ critical thinking skills, asking them to connect their own environment, influences, and culture to make their own original art.

About the Artist/Exhibition

Artist Anthea Hamilton’s artwork spans sculpture, installation, film, and performance. The artist’s immersive installations dramatize scale and proportion while referencing architecture, fashion, and popular culture. At times uncanny or comedic, Hamilton covers walls in faux-fur grids, creates oversize soft sculptures of butterflies and moths, or applies tartan-patterned wallpapers that revisit visual tropes of contemporary culture and shift them into surreal and estranged environments. She completed her studies at the painting departments of Leeds. Hamilton is the first black woman commissioned to create artwork for Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries.

In a newly commissioned work for ICA Miami’s central stairwell, Hamilton repurposes found images associated with the 1970s. Wavy patterns and flowers form a curtain-like backdrop that is dynamic yet frozen in time. A character created by counter-culture cartoonist Robert Crumb, Yeti, emerges from the pattern at the base of the work.