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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Sep 28 – Nov 3, 2013
Love of Technology

“Love of Technology” is a group exhibition of artists from around the world who question the relationship between humans and technology, and explore the impact of continued interaction between users and operating systems.

“Love of Technology” includes existing works by established artists such as Andrea Zittel, as well as newly commissioned and site-specific works by artists who are having their American museum debuts, such as Lena Henke and Ben Schumacher. Drawing upon the traditions of minimalism and conceptual art, the artists examine ways in which consumers approach objects, and the interdependence that develops between humans and the machines they use.

Featured artists: Ian Cheng, Ben Schumacher and John Keenen, Josh Smith, Anicka Yi, Andrea Zittel, Jason Galbut, Luis Fernando Benedit, Lena Henke, Morag Keil, Oliver Laric, Jack Strange, and duo Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff.