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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

IDEA 008: Panel Discussion with Flavin Judd

ICA Ideas: In Conversation with Flavin Judd. Photo: Karli Evans.

IDEA 008: Panel Discussion with Flavin Judd

April 7, 2018 at 2pm

Panel Discussion with Flavin Judd, Ellen Salpeter and Alex Gartenfeld

Using the exhibition “Donald Judd: Paintings” as a point of departure, Flavin Judd along with ICA Miami Director Ellen Salpeter and Deputy Director and Chief Curator Alex Gartenfeld will discuss the work of pioneering artist Donald Judd, and explore the foundational ideas behind highlighting the artist’s transitional-period work.

Flavin Judd (b. 1968) is Curator and Co-President of Judd Foundation. He is the husband of psychoanalyst Michèle Judd, the father of three children, and the son of Donald Judd for whom he assisted in the making of spaces and the installation of art. For Judd Foundation, he oversees art installations, architectural issues, and design efforts including the restoration of 101 Spring Street. He is co-editor of the recent publication Donald Judd Writings (2016). His films, art installations, and architectural designs have won awards.

Part of ICA Idea 008: The Studio

Although many contemporary artists have broadened the term “studio” to encompass any space where they work and even where they present this work to an audience, The Studio program wants to propose a view from the other side: How have socioeconomic changes, the mutation of labor, and the increasing role of media in everyday life of society transformed the possibilities of the studio? In post-Fordist times, as our cognitive and affective capacities are constantly put to work, what becomes of the studio?