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Fall Semester 2017: Relay Subjectivities

Sam Lewitt, detail from More Heat than Light (2016), Kunsthalle Basel. Courtesy the Artist and Galerie Buchholz, Cologne/Berlin.
Oct 10 – 27, 2017
Fall Semester 2017: Relay Subjectivities

While the world increasingly functions at levels of extreme complexity and at scales that are often difficult to conceptualize, domination and resistance begin in everyday life. Building on the research initiative of its first year in which participants probed the nature of emergent social abstractions, the Art + Research Center’s second year will consider how abstractions actually find concrete form in the world. The 2017–2018 cycle of seminars and lectures will explore the impact that constantly having to relay between scales—from the globally expansive and to the everyday—has on our subjective configurations.

Fall Semester 2017 will encompass three series of seminars led by field-advancing artists and theorists, including Sam Lewitt, Brian Kuan Wood, and Filipa Cesar.