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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Alliance of the Southern Triangle (A.S.T.), Drowning in Futures, 2021

Alliance of the Southern Triangle’s (A.S.T.) Drowning in Futures, 2021, tracks the relationships between the natural environment, politics, urbanism, and climate emergency. The work superimposes images with text, creating a narrative that formulates prototypes for untested futures that oscillate in scale and meaning. Drowning in Futures generates a picture to dip in and out of, leaning into both dread and hope in equal measure, all with faint wafts of sewage and sunscreen floating atop the warm sub-tropical breezes.

Alliance of the Southern Triangle (A.S.T.) is a multidisciplinary research project by artists Diann Bauer, Felice Grodin, Patricia M. Hernández, and Elite Kedan. Since its inception in 2015, A.S.T. has developed a wide range of projects including murals, installations, and publications, all of which examine the relationship between art, technology, politics, policy, and urban development in relation to climate change and sea-level rise.