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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Denise Ferreira da Silva: “Tangible Possibility”

ICA Miami welcomes artist and scholar Dr. Denise Ferreira da Silva to the Knight Foundation Art + Research Center for a lecture titled “Tangible Possibility.” This free virtual lecture is presented in conjunction with ICA Miami’s Climate + Culture Summer Intensive 2021 semester.

From Ferreira: “In this talk, inspired by experiments on dark matter, I speculate on a framing of sensibility that does not presume the figure of a subject, whose relation with other existents is mediated by mental forms and the knowing apparatus they support. Inspired by the detection apparatus used in dark matter experiments, I reflect on that dimension of existence, in which touch and alteration take place without perception. Taking this apparently contradictory setup, as the basis for a critique of Kant’s presentation of subjectivity at the center of the aesthetic, I assemble the initial components of what I call a material approach to the aesthetic, that is, one that recenters the body, but not as an instrument of knowledge. Instead, it focuses on the body as precisely that which registers how implicancy is a generous and generative descriptor for existence.”