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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Jennifer Jane Marshall in conversation with Stephanie Seidel on the work of Allan McCollum

Art historian Jennifer Jane Marshall and curator Stephanie Seidel discuss Allan McCollum’s career-spanning exhibition, “Works since 1969” at ICA Miami.

Jennifer Jane Marshall is Associate Professor of American Art at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. A specialist in histories of sculpture, museum display, and the marketplace, Dr. Marshall’s book, Machine Art, 1934—a study of Alfred Barr and Philip Johnson’s exhibition of industrial design at the Museum of Modern Art—won the Dedalus Foundation’s Robert Motherwell Book Award in 2013. An NEH recipient, a fellow at her university’s Institute for Advanced Studies, and a visiting instructor at Stanford University; Dr. Marshall’s research has appeared in American Art, the Art Bulletin, Hyperallergic, and the podcast BackStory. She is currently at work on a book about the American sculptor, William Edmondson.