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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Neda Atanasoski: Sensing War – Temporal and Spatial Ecologies of Perceptible Violence

War is often rendered sensationally visible. From footage of the dead and dying, and photographs of those suffering in refugee and concentration camps, to aerial images of bombardment and mass graves captured by drones, what the destruction of war looks like is all too familiar. Yet, in what other ways are warfare and other forms of violence sensible/perceptible? And, relatedly, what broader ecologies of war that are sensed (such as the pollution or waste that endure) does the focus on the spectacularly visible occlude?

This talk explores the experiences and senses of war that lie beyond the field of vision and includes the felt anticipation and multiple and enduring aftermaths of violence. It addresses sensing that can amplify violence, such as through military technologies, and those that seek to counter imperial force, including activist and artistic approaches.