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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

We Are Just Flowers: Daniel Gibson, Painting, and Migration

“I’m showing humanity, and the hope in humanity. The growth through struggle,” says Los Angeles-based artist Daniel Gibson as he takes ICA Miami through the California desert to the US-Mexico border. This video, like Gibson’s work, reflects on the perils of migration, and the humanity of representation.

“We Are Just Flowers: Daniel Gibson, Painting, and Migration” is the first film created on the occasion of the exhibition “Fire Figure Fantasy: Selections from ICA Miami’s Collection.” Learn more at Butterfly #15 (2021) by Daniel Gibson is on view at ICA Miami and online at

A film by ICA Miami
Filmed and produced by Origin Point
Director/Producer: Tyler Heckerman
Director/Director of Photography: Clyde Bessey
Additional Direction: Daniela Granadillo and Andrew McLees, ICA Miami
Executive Producer: Andrea Dondanville
Editor: Rich Rudy
Sound Designer: Samuel O’Sullivan
Colorist: Tayler Braasch
Coordinator: Devyn MacEachern