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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami



Thu, May 19, 2016

ICA NEXT MEETS connects NEXT level members and above with Miami artists, collectors and innovators in fun, interactive atmospheres. Joining ICA NEXT is easy, and supports year-round free admission, public programs and exhibitions for all at ICA Miami.

ICA NEXT level members and above are invited to ICA Miami’s rooftop garden for a musical performance by Oskar Mayör and Fsik Huvnx entitled THE SUN DOESN’T WAIT. The performance is inspired by the artists’ interpretation on the history of music.

About David Brieske

David Brieske began working under the name Fsik Huvnx in early 2005, creating lo-tech musique concrète pieces on a PC with minimal software, which were eventually distributed digitally. In 2009, he began performing, equipped mostly with an electric guitar played with a violin bow, and occasionally collaborating with other musicians for performances. He has also performed music for dance and performance art. The performances vary according to setting and are mostly improvised. They have included bowed cymbals, turntables, tape recorders, auto/toy harp, synthesizers, field recordings, an amplified table, and electronic effects.

About Oskar Mayör

Oskar Mayör lives on the outskirts of Bavaria where he runs a nomadic start-up music school. With an extensive background in composing, conducting, and performing, Oskar shares his knowledge as a musician and professor all around the world.