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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami


Fall Semester Day 2

ICA Residents
Thu, Nov 17, 2016

ICA Miami presents a collaborative program with Miami-based organization Fall Semester. Through public lectures and a digital platform, the second iteration of Fall Semester addresses the intersection of the corporeal, the digital, and the posthuman at the axis of the self. After discussing Miami as a globalized city in its inaugural session, Fall Semester now turns its focus to the city’s inhabitants, those directly affected by current social and economic change. The seminar portion of Fall Semester will take place between November 16–18, 2016, in locations throughout the Design District, including the Institute of Contemporary Art.

The program is free and open to the public.

Day 2: Visiting Contributor Schedule

Presentation in collaboration with ArtCenter/South Florida

6–7pm: Metahaven

Metahaven—Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden —an Amsterdam-based “studio for design, research, and art”, whose “work—both commissioned and self-directed—reflects political and social issues in collaboratively produced graphic design objects,” was founded by graphic designers and writers Vinca Kruk and Daniel van der Velden in 2007; Gon Zifroni was a partner between 2007–10. A “strategic graphic design agency,” as they put it in an interview with Rhizome, they “make anything between a conference, a publication, an interview, a product, a visual identity, a policy document, or a set of floating appearances on the Internet. We are not only interested in the development of hypothetical image, but also in its realization.”

7:30–8:30pm: Victoria Ivanova

Victoria Ivanova is a curator and writer living in London. Having previously worked in the human rights field, in 2010, she co-founded a multidisciplinary cultural platform in Donetsk, Ukraine, which critically explored the intersection between activism, education and artistic research. Ivanova is also one of the founding members of Real Flow—a research and development platform for socialising finance. Her practice is largely informed by systems analysis and her interest in infrastructures as mechanisms for shaping and (re)producing socio-economic and political realities. Ivanova’s recent publications include ‘Art’s Values: A Détente, a Grand Plié’ in Parse 2: The Value of Contemporary Art (2015), ‘Novelty Intermediation and the Future of Accelerationist Politics’ in Reinventing Horizons (2016), ‘Fractured Mediations’ in Der Zeitkomplex. Postcontemporary (2016).

About Fall Semester

Fall Semester is a bi-annual series of public conversations, written contributions, digital archives, bringing together a diverse group of theorists, critics, and researchers to engage in multifaceted discourse on contemporary society and culture. Since its inception in late 2014, Fall Semester’s mission has been to reflect on global issues using Miami as the backdrop. After discussing Miami as a globalized city in 2014, we now turn to the city’s inhabitants: the incubators of Miami’s rapid change and those who are affected by these changes. Through public lectures and a digital platform, the second iteration of Fall Semester addresses the intersection of the corporeal, digital, and post-human at the axis of the self.

Fall Semester is the project of artists Felice Grodin, Odalis Valdivieso, Angela Valella, Marcos Valella, and Antonia Wright. Collectively they have developed an organizational strategy to unite the contributors’ discussions, providing a platform for both speakers and attendees.