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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami


Justin Dunnavant Lecture: “Have Confidence in the Sea”

Art + Research
Virtual Events
Thu, Aug 26, 2021
Justin Dunnavant at Garland for Academic Pathways Program and myVU

Photos by: Susan Urmy

ICA Miami welcomes artist and archeologist Justin Dunnavant to the Knight Foundation Art + Research Center for a lecture titled “Have Confidence in the Sea.” This virtual lecture is free and open to the public with advance RSVP and is presented in conjunction with the ICA Miami’s Climate + Culture Summer Intensive 2021 semester.

From Dunnavant: “What does it mean to recover and imagine the multiplicity of Black maritime experiences that occurred during the colonial era? Thinking with Christina Sharpe’s concept of ‘wake work’ about what it means to inhabit the wake of these carceral and liberatory experiences, we navigate the work of geographers, historians, archaeologists, and visual artists as we collectively explore the possibilities and limitations of mapping Black Atlantic livingness in oceanic geographies. Finally, we explore what it means to engage this maritime geography in the contemporary and future moments as a site commemoration, memorialization, and restoration.”