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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami


Mark Ryan Chariker
Intermission, 2022

Oil on canvas
38 x 42 in.
Museum purchase with funds provided by Peter Brandt
Image credit
Courtesy of the artist and 1969 Gallery. Photograph by Thomas Müller.
"Intermission" depicts a scene of figures anxiously coming together after a period of isolation. Made in the brief reprieve between Delta and Omicron, when people were starting to interact again, this painting reflects that feeling of uncertainty and caution. The title “Intermission” implies they will soon be returning to their isolation. At the time I made this I was moving around a lot and didn’t have a settled home. All I cared about was getting a dog, finding an apartment and painting. What I owned I moved from studio to studio while I worked and I think the contents of this painting were a reflection of that feeling of being unsettled.