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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

High School Courses

These courses are intended for High School Educators to engage their students with artists' work, themed curriculum and either art activities or informational videos about the exhibitions to foster visual literacy and critical thinking skills. Courses are designed to be incorporated into your lesson plans and include the following:
  • General description of course
  • State Standards that connect with course
  • Inquiry-based questions for open dialogue and discussion among students
  • Vocabulary terms
  • Custom art-making activities and/or recommended readings
We recommend reviewing the curriculum guide first to adapt to your lessons. Presentations are included that can be utilized in class along with questions to engage your students in an open discussion. Some courses also include either an art making instructional video, instructions for an art making activity or an instructional video that can either be shown in class as part of your lesson or to provide instructions on how to implement the activity in your class.


Our online learning courses help students and young learners of all skill levels build connections between core curricula and the museum's exhibitions, artists, and collection.