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Fall Semester 2019: The Black Hemisphere

Isaac Julien, True North, detail, 2004. Color photograph. Collection of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami. Museum purchase.
Oct 1 – 30, 2019
Fall Semester 2019: The Black Hemisphere

The Black Hemisphere, A+RC’s Fall Semester 2019 series of seminars, will look at self-understandings of Blackness in the Americas, as well as critically explore different processes of anti-Blackness and cultural marginalization.

This semester aims to develop a panoramic view of the continent and track both the continuities and differences that characterized the multiple contexts in which Afro-descendent populations live, thrive, and struggle, from Honduras to Cuba, and from Brazil to Canada.

Among the participating faculty are: Dr. Rinaldo Walcott, Professor and Director of the Women and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto; Dr. João H. Costa Vargas, Professor at the University of California, San Diego; Dr. Tianna Paschel, Associate Professor of Sociology and African American Studies at the Haas Institute, University of California, Berkeley; Dr. Erica James, Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of Miami; and, Dr. Andrea Queeley, Associate Professor of Anthropology and African and African Diaspora Studies.

Organized by Dr. Jafari S. Allen and Gean Moreno, The Black Hemisphere sets the ground for a long-term pedagogical collaboration between University of Miami’s Africana Studies Program and ICA Miami’s Art + Research Center that will explore critical positions developed by thinkers of the global African diaspora.

Visiting Faculty
  • Dr. Tianna Paschel
  • Dr. João H. Costa Vargas
  • Dr. Rinaldo Walcott
  • Dr. Erica James
  • Dr. Andrea Queeley