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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Spring Semester 2022: Transoceanic Relations

Mar 28 – Apr 14, 2022
Spring Semester 2022: Transoceanic Relations

As part of the Knight Foundation Art and Research Center’s yearlong focus on oceanic ways of knowing, this upcoming semester highlights histories of trans-oceanic contact as a critical mode of thinking outside the rise of global nationalisms, territoriality, and colonial divisions of space and time.

This seminar will foreground the ocean’s non-territorial qualities, considering not only a single ocean, but how historical relations between oceans have produced identities, relations, and conceptions of time and space outside the progressive logic of national identitarian schemas. Moving between artistic and scholarly projects, this seminar will consider the shore, or port-city as a site of contact (both violent and generative) that allows us to expand forms of relation across place, language, and identity.

Visiting Faculty
  • March 28-31: Vilashini Cooppan
  • April 4-6: SA Smythe
  • April 11-14: Christopher Cozier