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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami

Dr. Eddie Chambers Lecture: “Re-reading Black British Artists’ Practices”

ICA Miami welcomes Dr. Eddie Chambers, professor at the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Texas at Austin, for a lecture at the Knight Foundation Art + Research Center, titled “Re-reading Black British Artists’ Practices.”

From Dr. Chambers: “How can Black British artists’ practices be more insightfully read, when they have been subject to erasure and a willful curatorial quarantining? On far too many occasions, Black British artists’ work has been corralled into group exhibitions that have often clumsily prioritized ‘race’ or ethnicity over the particular content or the formal aspects of an artwork. It’s not difficult to be critical of certain histories that have amplified certain aspects of an artist’s identity, while seemingly downplaying other, equally, or indeed more, important dimensions. It is though, perhaps more difficult to ascertain how best we can reflect on such matters, in this moment in time.”