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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami


Culture Club Presents: We Can’t Say “Gay,” But We Can Sing “Gay”

Special Event
Sat, Feb 24, 2024
Private Location

Cabaret meets opera in this subversive evening of music & comedy, commissioned by ICA Miami’s Culture Club.

Join longtime collaborators Pretty Lamé (tenor Joshua Sanders) & David Sytkowski (pianist) as they explore the boundaries of good taste—high brow, lowbrow & faux brows!

Pianist David Sytkowski is the Director of Music for Opera Workshop at Bard College. He appears frequently as a symphony pianist at venues such as Carnegie Hall & Jazz at Lincoln Center. Culture Club members will recall David accompanying Justin Vivian Bond when she performed for the Culture Club in March, 2022.

Joshua Sanders has performed with many opera companies, including the Metropolitan Opera, & made his Carnegie Hall debut in 2019. In addition to his opera career as a classical tenor, he performs in cabaret & drag as his alter ego, Pretty Lamé.

This event will take place at the private home of Jane Toll in Miami Beach.

Photos: Chris Carter.

Event Photos

Pepe Mar, David Castillo
Julian Montalvo
Eddie Kirtley, Attilio Ferrara
Bill Moran
Federico Ortega, Rodrigo Albir
Tom deSantis, Gary Arena
Ben Scott, Jonathan Freidin
Pepe Mar, Carlos Matheus
David Castillo, Serge Krawiecki Gazes, David Bolger
Alex Gartenfeld, Ward Auerbach, Jill Kaplan, Andy Baker
Amy Cappellazo, Joanne Rosen
Attilio Ferrara
David Brody, Owen Condon, James Castillo
Gamaliel Herrera, David Castillo
Serge Krawiecki Gazes, Hal Philipps, Ian Krawiecki Gazes
Alex Gartenfeld, Jane Toll, Hal Philipps
Hal Philipps, Munisha Underhill, Cameron Carani, Todd White
Matt Arrowsmith, Munisha Underhill, Carlos Betancourt
Pretty Lamé, David Sytkowski, Hal Philipps
Greg Kendall, Andy Baker
Pretty Lamé, Jill Kaplan
Federico Ortega, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Filippo de Simone, Rodrigo Albir
Cameron Carani, Todd White, Ian and Serge Krawiecki Gazes, David Brody, James Castillo
Anthony Spinello, Esai Alfredo
Anthony Spinello, Curb Gardner
Pretty Lamé, Mother Lamé