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Institute of Contemporary Art Miami


K-Hole Residency

ICA Ideas
Sat, Aug 8, 2015

ICA Miami welcomes K-HOLE co-founders Dena Yago and Sean Monahan, who will discuss recent market research and preview forthcoming material in an interactive workshop on Saturday, August 8.

As part of K-HOLE’s residency with ICA Miami, Yago and Monahan will develop a body of research over the course of three days that uses the city as a case study. In the tradition of science fiction, K-HOLE will look to specific cases of speculative real estate development, communities and historical events in Miami. On the final day of K-HOLE’s residency with ICA Miami, Yago and Monahan will present research and discuss findings in an interactive workshop. The presentation will be filmed, and the video documentation will serve as K-HOLE’s ICA Miami report

About K-HOLE

K-HOLE is a trend forecasting group founded in 2010 by Gregory Fong, Sean Monahan, Emily Segal, Chris Sherron and Dena Yago – a group of New York-based artists, designers, brand strategists and writers. Using the specific language of the marketing and advertising industry, K-HOLE addresses how brand and consumer experiences are constructed, and explores the plausible limits of corporate and consumer strategy.