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Archives: ICA Seminars

Stuart Ringholt, Anger Workshops, 2012. Neue Galerie, Kassel. Documenta 13, 2012.
Nov 19, 2015 – Apr 9, 2016
Archives: ICA Seminars

Since the 1970s, performance art has often been associated with social practice, and sought to create social change and/or personal transformation. As it has entered institutions—and as the world and its societies have changed—performance art faces new challenges, constraints, and opportunities. With this season of ICA Seminars, ICA Miami invites scholars and artists to analyze and explore currents in the expanding fields of performance and participatory art. Participants will discuss the field’s possibilities to enact social and psychological effect.

ICA Seminars offered college-level classes, open to young adults and lifelong learners, covering a wide range of themes from contemporary art and recent art history. The pilot semester, “Performance and Participatory Art in the Age of Social Change,” was organized by Tara Strickstein, former Special Projects Manager at ICA Miami.